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Artificial Intelligence - Xerox Powers the MFP of Tomorrow, Today!

Posted by Manoj Kamath on 15 June 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the next wave of digital disruption as it moves rapidly into reality.

According to a mega-sized study, by early 2025 the global annual revenues for AI-based products and services will grow from $1.38 billion in 2016 to $59.75 billion by 2025.

Meanwhile funding for AI start-ups has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 60 percent since 2010.  Currently, the best minds in the AI industry have been working with vertical markets such as, FinTech, HealthCare, Transportation and Retail and tech giants such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, SAP, Salesforce, LG Electronics and GE are just some of the company's placing their bets on AI.

But what exactly is AI, and why should the print industry be paying attention?

Well, AI, as you know, stands for Artificial Intelligence. The term 'artificial intelligence' (AI) was first coined by Prof. John McCarthy in a 1955 proposal for the first AI conference held in Dartmouth, US. The objective was to explore ways to make a machine that could reason like a human, and would be capable of abstract thought, problem-solving and self-improvement. Since then rapid changes in technology have brought AI into the real world, most notably the availability of high-end graphical processing units (GPUs), improvements in algorithms and the exponential rise and abundance of data on human behavioural patterns have accelerated the effectiveness of AI.

AI has quickly become the technology that simulates the intelligence of humans in machines making it possible for them to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Using these technologies computers can be 'trained' to accomplish specific tasks by recognising patterns in large volumes of decision data. It is important to note that AI is not one single technology but a blend of several including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive computing.

What many consider to be some form of AI is already part of our everyday lives and transforming how companies connect with their customers. From advanced rules engine-based systems such as chatbots and virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa,  to the use of algorithms to make recommendations based on a user's purchasing or browsing history such as Google, Netflix or Amazon. However, this is just one component of AI, and despite the hype, bigger steps towards meaningful and true AI is still some way off.

How can the print industry take advantage of AI? Who is at the forefront of AI in the print industry?

AI can be applied across the following areas, providing new opportunities for manufacturers and their channel partners to enhance existing services.

Predictive maintenance:

Combining big data and AI allows companies to drive greater efficiency by performing predictive maintenance more effectively. Predictive maintenance is nothing new to the print industry, and service quality and efficiency is the top reason that organisations turn to a managed print service (MPS). Most devices networked printers, copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs) have embedded sensor technology which enables data to be collected and analysed. However, the volume of data that is generated by connected print devices has yet to be fully exploited beyond continuous monitoring. In many cases print management analytic tools are not designed for massive data analysis, and often not flexible enough to incorporate machine learning. The key to improving business efficiency is to take the next step, and combine advanced algorithms with machine learning to take action from real-time insights. Print manufacturers need to determine the best ways to embed intelligence into their devices, and then develop the optimal techniques for collecting and analysing data to generate usable insights.

Xerox already has several mechanisms that drive this kind of maintenance on your Xerox MFP (and others that are connected to our Xerox Device Agent that allows users to eliminate the time and effort required to provide meter reads for networked equipment.) Xerox also allows users to use other tools to monitor their network


Protection against security threats:

AI has the potential to be both a friend and foe when it comes to security. It is thought that the next generation of malware will use AI in order to behave like a human attacker, identifying targets and evading detection. As networked printers and MFPs are effectively IoT connected devices, this will demand a new class of security that uses AI to enable devices to self-monitor and self-heal. Instead of occasional device-level patches, machine learning combined with more advanced AI decision making will help manufacturers to provide network-level behaviour analytics and real-time anomaly detection. Where a security breach occurs, an effective and rapid response using machine learning in combination with an advanced analytics engine can optimise remediation efforts.

Xerox has industry standard security protection from viruses and malware and best in class protection against hackers, built into all our MFP's. With collaborations from CISCO and McAfee, Xerox helps protect every one of their AltaLink and VersaLink MFP's right out of the box.

Paper to digital automation:

Although many businesses remain reliant on paper, the acceleration of digitisation initiatives is well underway. Robotic process automation (RPA) is complementary to AI in that it is a class of software that replicates the actions of humans in order to run business processes. Although RPA robots do not have the ability to self-learn, when the technology is combined with AI it can be extremely powerful. Certain industry sectors such as banking and insurance are already using intelligent automation based on NLP and deep learning techniques. Although not necessarily true AI, this technology uses algorithms to understand complex unstructured documents such as handwritten and typed information, and convert them into legible and categorised digital files. Repetitive manual-based jobs such as claims processing and quotes can be effectively handled using this approach.  The automation of paper-based processes is both a challenge and an opportunity for the print industry if AI can be embedded in document capture platforms it will provide a much-needed bridge between the paper and digital worlds.

Xerox helps business turn paper into digital copy. A world leader already in providing the very best in scanning technology to our customers, Xerox has perfected the art of "Setting the Paper Free".

Most significantly, you can now talk to your printer!! And more importantly.... it will LISTEN TO YOU!

INTRODUCING Xerox Gabi Voice!

Imagine printing 20 pages for a client presentation simply by asking your printer to do it. The wave of innovations in artificial intelligence resulting in a variety of voice-assisted apps is making it all possible. Xerox (NYSE: XRX) is the latest company to introduce such a feature with Gabi Voice, an office assistant powered by IBM Watson's voice command technology.

Working together with the Xerox AltaLink multifunction printers, Gabi can take commands from users for printing, scanning, copying, faxing or placing a service call. This means not having to go through a menu tree on a printer to get a task accomplished.

Voice commands remove manual processes that take time and valuable human resources. For small businesses with a limited workforce, dictating your printing tasks will create a more efficient working environment.

The Hardware: Here's how Gabi Voice works. The 1-to-1 Gabi Smartbox is an Ethernet/USB/Bluetooth equipped micro-controller communicating directly with the AltaLink printers. A dedicated and integrated microphone and speaker is connected directly to the Gabi Smartbox, which allows the interaction between the user and the printer.

The Voice Commands: The voice-activated UI adapts by using the corresponding set of machine-executable actions from a whitelist of known functions to get the job done. So even if you have an accent or difficulty speaking because of a speech impediment, Gabi Voice adapts to the variances and executes the task. Saying "Gabi, make 10 copies black and white double sided" or "Gabi, make 10 copies double sided black and white" will be interpreted the same way.

Xerox is also highlighting Gabi Voice's security features to emphasize the effort the company has put into the system to ensure the interaction will be protected. These include whitelisting capabilities for performing functions that are pre-programmed, storage and encryption, voice activation with pre-programmed commands and auto-updates.

Gabi Smartbox also meets the leading security guidelines and certifications including, ISO 9001, SOC 1, SOC 2, FISMA, NIST, 508(c), GDPR and others, the company says.

Supports the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
While voice assisted solutions may sound trivial in some use cases, for individuals with differing abilities it is extremely important. Being able to use voice commands and have them carried out is invaluable for the visually impaired, those with limited mobility or other physical limitations.

Gabi Voice supports Section 508c of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which covers accessibility to information technology for everyone.

The feature is now available for purchase from a Xerox representative or channel partner from which more details and costs of purchase will be available. 

For more information: Call us for your free, no obligation assessment to see if your office is ready for Gabi. Call 519-974-3028 x 6093 and ask for Manny!

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