Tri-County Copiers Advantages

When it comes to office technology solutions, there are many choices available. If you're looking for a business partner that can help you optimize your technology spend, you should consider Tri-County Copiers Plus.

Our Business Model

Tri-County Copiers Plus is the local Authorized Sales Agent for Xerox Canada. So, what makes us different?

As a Sales Agent, our focus is optimizing your office technology environment to promote new technology and new workflow solutions. Our business gets better when your business gets better. So, it's our job to meet with you and understand your current business challenges, review your business environment and explore the variety of solutions that we have at our disposal to help you improve productivity, and lower your overall costs by simplifying workflow and speeding communication. We are your connection to Xerox, but Xerox directly supplies, services and support the solution.

Our competition follows a completely different business model - they are dealers for the manufacturers that they represent. They bring the equipment in and then they're responsible from that point to supply, service and support the equipment. In this business model, they have the ability to build profit into every transaction, the initial sale is only the smaller part of that equation. With the opportunity to profit from future service, supplies and parts, many times it works out better for them to keep older equipment at your office.

With Tri-County Copiers, our business is sustained by bringing new technology to you. We are constantly monitoring out client's account and activity to understand where their business is going and how we might be able to best support them. A business case is identified and presented and in many cases, new technology is introduced - to our mutual benefit.

Our business partner

We provide you with the opportunity of working directly with the leader in the office technology, Xerox. You have the backing of a Fortune 500 company providing you with a level of protection that nobody else can. Xerox ensures customer satisfaction by investing in a sophist acted service delivery infrastructure that nobody in the region can match. It manages service part inventory vehicle and matched with a top of the line GPS tracking system works to get the right tech (and parts) to your location to make it one trip / one fix. It's not response time that's important any more, it's resolution time. Working hard to get your office technology back up and running at the earliest time is our goal!

Another key point of distinction is that since Xerox is servicing your office equipment, it'll be OEM supplies and parts only, no third party, discount supplies and parts. If like most companies you also use network printers, many have tried using refurbished, re-manufactured, or refilled toner cartridges to save money. What are you left with? Lower costs, yes, but lower toner yields, forcing to replace sooner; poor quality output, forcing to reprint; or worse yet, a cartridge malfunction leaving you with a mess of toner everywhere to clean up.

Your future

The world of technology is always changing. Choosing the right partner ensures that you can stay ahead of your competition and have the types of solutions that allow you to focus on what's most important to you: Delivering the highest value to your customers and positioning yourself to grow in the future and continue to build your business, smartly, profitably. Tri-County Copiers Plus is your conduit to the market leader, Xerox. Let's see what the market has to say about us.


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