Intelligent Workplace Services

Our industry has gone through significant changes over the years, and there are 2 constants:

 - it's never going to end - change brings about more change

 - and, Xerox leads the way in solutions and offerings.

The industry realized that our clients needed a better way to manage this change, to stay on top of what their organization needed and one of the biggest ads recently was the introduction of Managed Print Services. This provided companies with an opportunity to simplify asset support and supply management across multiple locations with multiple brands of printers. This enabled Xerox to serve our clients with a solution that not only saved them money, but more importantly, saved them time.

Xerox has been recognized as a leader in this market space by Quocira, (Quocirca provides strategic market insight and intelligence to print industry business and technology leaders -

This clearly shows that in the MPS world, Xerox continues to lead with the highest market presence and the widest portfolio.

But Xerox realized that there was more. And with Intelligent Workplace Solutions, we can take it to a whole new level. Because while controlling the print environment can have significant impacts on the profitability and performance of an organization, there's so much more that goes into it. That's why our solution takes a broader look at what's impacting your organization.

Most companies will offer assessment and optimization services and this does have a positive influence on operations, but as you move along the continuum from left to right, each additional component can have a bigger and bigger impact on your business.

  • What if take all these steps to improve the print environment, but the rules aren't adhered to? Lots of time wasted and little to no result. We can ensure that the targets are being achieved.
  • What if sensitive information is leaked? Or attacked? How does that affect your reputation and business continuity? Xerox secures all aspects of the print to ensure your privacy is maintained.
  • How much time is wasted on repeated tasks, or menial tasks, or antiquated workflows that can hold you business back? Xerox's industry leading workflow solutions can boost productivity, improve your competitive position and drive new business opportunities.

For additional information, or just to start the conversation on these topics, reach out to us today.



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