State-of-the-Art Printer
and Data Security

Xerox has long been a leader in the industry when it comes to protecting you and your client's data. With this new verision of our ConnecyKey platform, we're focusing on 4 key areas.

  1. Intrusion prevention - prevent attacks and malware by securing all access points through user authentication and access controls
  2. Device detection - firmware is designed to identify or repel any threats
  3. Document & data protection - From the hardware, including such things as encryption and image overwrite, to the document and communications, there are secuity measures at each point, ensuring that you are fully protected.
  4. External partnerships - working on our standards through a partnership with McAfee and testing against international standards like FIPS 1140-2 and Common Criteria.

Learn more about your printer security here:

Ever stay up at night thinking about this:

  • Protecting client confidentiality
  • Reinforcing network security
  • Fighting off corporate espionage
  • Proection against virus attacks

Make sure a simple new addition to your office isn't opening the door for attacks!


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