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Did you remember to lock the door?

Posted by Paul Ackermann on 17 January 2018

Windows - check! Stove off - Check!
...but did you leave the front door wide open?

No...not literally, figuratively. Today, let's talk about network security and how your Xerox solutions can help.

Every year, we hear about more and more data breaches.

From 2015 to 2016, we saw an increase in attacks by 40%. In 2017, headlines were made when the security of organizations like Xbox/PSP, International Hotel Group (Holiday Inn, etc.) and even Gmail had their security compromised. It's getting to the point that if you haven't had some sort of security breach, you're actually in the minority!

With that in mind, you'll likely plan on taking even more steps to reinforce the security of your network by boosting your anti-virus protection, locking down access with varying layers of authentication and refining policies to eliminate soft points in this new impenetrable fortress you're trying to build.

But throughout this process, have you considered your network printer to be a weakness?

60% of organizations believe that a data breach has occurred involving a network connected printer!

Xerox has long recognized the importance of securing your data, and your client's data against these security threats. From the basics, we've included disk encryption and hard disk overwrite as standard build, not options, like many of our competitors. We've submitted our entire device for security testing ensuring Common Criteria Certification. And nowwe're doing even more.

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