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Print nerds only need apply

Posted by Paul Ackermann on 9 February 2018

How far we've come...

Colour production printing made easy by Xerox Versant series

I've been in this industry for the better part of 20 years...so for all intents and purposes, my work life has been office equipment and copiers and scanning etc. It still drives my wife crazy when we're watching a TV show or movie and I'll be calling out makes and models for current, past and competitive office equipment. Over the years, there have been so many advancements as simple print/copy technology has become digital print technology and its impact on the professional printing industry has been incredible. The ability to print on custom media, provide highly customized, finished output and the speed is outstanding!

The new Versant series from Xerox will surely help them reinforce themselves as the industry leader...inline colour correction, running special stocks at rated speeds and the foundation of all Xerox printing, the outstanding quality of colour output. The Versant 3100 (100ppm) and the Versant 180 (80ppm) are latest Xerox offerings in entry level colour production devices.
To better illustrate some of these advancements, Xerox has put together this hilarious (for a nerd like me anyways) video focusing on:

  • Crushing the rush job! Need it right away? Complicated components? - no problem - Done!
  • Colour matching?? How do you know the first print is going to look like the last print? Or the print from 6 months ago? - no problem - Done!
  • Correcting images and alignment are easy to do with the Digital Front End and auto-alignment to correct the registration-  Done!





Author: Paul Ackermann
About: With many years of experience either directly in, or working with professionals and organizations from all walks of life, I bring a unique perspective to each and every business challenge. Technology continually changes - let's work together and let me help you make the most of your office technology. Copy, print, fax and scan - no problem! Workflow solutions, scanning software and document storage are just some of the more exciting things that we can do. Let me know if you need any help.
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