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The Adventures of Michel and Santeena - Week 10

Posted by Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia on 24 July 2017

The Adventures of Michel and Santeena...a tale of Co-op work at Tri-County Copiers Plus - Xerox

Welcome back to our blog, last week we completed the first half of our adventure with Tri-County Copiers. We kicked off this week by learning more about the paperwork involved in finalizing a sale. It's simple paperwork that requires a mutual understanding from the seller and buyer. We also had a demonstration on how our small devices are prepared for installation.

Agency Support & Service Agreements

One of the new tasks we learned this week was calling Xerox's agency support line to assist us with gathering information. Xerox and Tri-County Copiers both offer service agreements; specifically known as Managed Print Services. It's a way to gain control on printing costs, supplies, service and support. MPS is an additional attribute offered for customers to save more money, improve their productivity and increase their device reliability. Within these agreements, Xerox and the agency have the right to collect and submit meter reads from the customer's devices. This is an important aspect because it allows the agency to advice for any office changes when printing volumes differ. It's a great way to track and measure print levels while maintaining an efficient document workflow. New organizations are always trying to find new techniques to save money -- MPS is one of the strategic offerings Xerox has.

Managed Print Services does the following:

Collects and submits meter reads from networked equipment
Reviews the statuses of toner levels and paper levels
Pro-active toner and supply orders when cartridges are less than 20%
Bi-directional communication with the machine and the computing device
Automatic service calls when the machine faces problems

Customers who sign up for MPS trust the agency to check back with them if anything important occurs. Such as, if they are printing much more than they should be, if they aren't printing enough for the amount they are paying, and if their sustainability goals haven't been met.

If you would like to learn more about Managed Print Services, visit Xerox's website.
Click the link below!
-> https://www.xerox.com/en-us/services/managed-print-services

Within the Service Agreement

  • The customer's information - name, address, contact number
  • Payment fees - number of payments (in months), B&W and Colour cost per copy, base charge price per unit
  • The base charge is also known as the "pre-paid payment" that allows the customer to print "X" amount of copies at a set price
  • Terms and conditions
  • Signatures


Word of the Week


This week, one of the sales employees at Tri-County Copiers gave us a demonstration on a basic setup of a device. We had the opportunity to learn how we prepare our devices before we install it for one of our clients. The device that we worked on was the WorkCentre 3655i; a smaller device that we can install ourselves. We began by removing the safety tape, placed there to protect the device from any damage during shipping. Next, we plugged in the printer, which started up its first boot up. We followed the easy to use installation wizard, that helped us setup the settings for our device. After that, we began to customize the apps to better suit our customer's needs. Before we ship the device to them, we test all of their features, one time. We take all of these steps before sending the product for installation, because we don't want to waste our customer's time. Our goal is to arrive at the customer's office, and be prepared to install the device in less than an hour.

The larger devices that we sell are installed through a Xerox certified service technician. The devices are built for larger businesses, and are more complicated to install. The Xerox representatives take their time, and make sure the devices are up and running before they leave our customer. Overall, the device was very easy to do. Someone who isn't very tech savvy could complete the install quickly and accurately.

Thank you for reading our blog!
Santeena & Michel
Author:Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia
About: Welcome to Michel Salsaa & Santeena Eskharia’s blog based on their experiences in the co-op program working with Tri-County Copiers Plus Xerox.They are undergraduate Business students from the University of Windsor. And both students are local residents to the city of Windsor. Michel is in his 2nd year of University, and hoping to concentrate in Marketing. After completing his Undergraduate degree, Michel wants to find a career in Windsor and stay close to his family. Santeena hopes to complete her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Finance. After completing her Master’s degree in Business, she hopes to attend law school at the University of Toronto. She would like to travel the world and experience new cultures. The students are looking forward to this co-op program, and sharing their experiences and new knowledge with you.
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