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The Adventures of Michel and Santeena - Week 4

Posted by Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia on 7 June 2017

The Adventures of Michel and Santeena...a tale of Co-op work at Tri-County Copiers Plus - Xerox

Welcome back to our blog! This week, our adventures with Tri-County Copiers Plus  Xerox gave us a chance to geographically widen our search for businesses in need. We drove around the neighbourhoods of Belle River, Emeryville, Lakeshore and Amherstburg. It was nice to be in such friendly communities where locals know each other very well. The waterfront views in each community were fascinating sights. Hopefully, we'll be back there visiting potential customers.

Versalink & Altalink

Xerox is planning on releasing their largest product launch ever, with 29 new products that will best serve our diverse customers base. This launch will update our existing offerings, and implement Connectkey Technology in all of our devices. You may ask how these products are any different than previous models and from competitors. With 2 main sub-brands, Xerox is looking to accommodate all needs. These brands are the smarter and more efficient way to work.

Versalink is a versatile working assistant capable of managing any business size, requiring a small footprint. On the other hand, Altalink is designed for businesses with a more demanding workflow.

If you refer back to older Xerox models, the key attributes were convenience, security, productivity and cost control. With Versalink and Altalink, ConnectKey Technology has advanced and these attributes have somewhat changed. Both brands offer intuitive user experience in a tablet-style, making it easy and familiar to use. Everybody has a cell phone nowadays and Xerox has that in mind. With the new launch, all devices are mobile and cloud ready, making it easy to manage. For companies who are concerned about potential security breaches -- Xerox offers benchmark security with McAfee software to protect all aspects of confidentiality. In order to be consistent, responsive and adaptable, they enable the next generation of managed print services, helping you control printing and saving costs. Lastly, with this new product line, they open the door for new possibilities. Technology is always changing, and Versalink and Altalink both offer advanced technology systems.

The word of the week is...


During our high school and university careers, we have completed many presentations, about various topics. In university, many presentations are done in groups or individually. The main aspects of presentations in school is actually understanding what we're talking about. It looks somewhat funny when the presenter looks uncomfortable. We've been taught the basic format of every presentation. This includes: the introduction, the agenda, the explanations, brief summaries, conclusions and references. It works the same way for creating presentations in the workplace. Most times, references are just shown at the end instead of being spoken of. The worst part of speaking individually in front of a large crowd is the possibility of freezing up and forgetting the words. With every presentation comes the time needed for preparing. Once the topics are well understood, the "script" layout is completed, the only thing left to do is PRACTICE! You can practice alone or even in front of friends, family, or colleagues.

Santeena's Experiences Presenting

    Presenting has somewhat come naturally to me. I remember in high school I would get extremely nervous and began stuttering at the start of my presentations. Once I felt comfortable after a minute or two, the presentations flowed smoothly. A major aspect of being a Business student at the University of Windsor is presenting to classmates. It's important to get the point across and make sure your messages are being received in the most accurate way. My first presentation at Tri-County was a phone call to one of the Sales Development Coaches, Shannon, who listen to a 5-10 minute elevator pitch. I think it went very smoothly, but hopefully next time around, I'll have the information at the top of my head instead of reading a script.

Michel's Experiences Presenting

The first presentation that I experienced was a practice run, on the phone with one of Xerox's representatives. I developed my own script, in order to have something to base our talk about. The topic of my presentation was about Xerox's new product launch, and how their new features would benefit a future prospect. After completing the script, I was put on the phone with the Xerox representative. I was told that I presented the material flawlessly. Overall the results are of no concern, the feedback is the most important aspect of it. The feedback that I received was to work on memorizing my speech, instead of reading from my computer. Reading from my script made it sound more formal, and we needed to talk as if we were talking to another person. I decided to take that advice, and try and memorize my script for the next time I have to present it.

Thanks for reading our blog!
Michel & Santeena

Author:Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia
About: Welcome to Michel Salsaa & Santeena Eskharia’s blog based on their experiences in the co-op program working with Tri-County Copiers Plus Xerox.They are undergraduate Business students from the University of Windsor. And both students are local residents to the city of Windsor. Michel is in his 2nd year of University, and hoping to concentrate in Marketing. After completing his Undergraduate degree, Michel wants to find a career in Windsor and stay close to his family. Santeena hopes to complete her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Finance. After completing her Master’s degree in Business, she hopes to attend law school at the University of Toronto. She would like to travel the world and experience new cultures. The students are looking forward to this co-op program, and sharing their experiences and new knowledge with you.
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