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Welcome to Tri-County Copiers Plus Xerox - University of Windsor Co-op Students

Posted by Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia on 11 May 2017

The Co-op Experience - Week 1


Hello! Our names are Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia, we are students in the Bachelor of Commerce program from the University of Windsor and this summer, we will be co-oping with Tri-County Copiers Plus Xerox. The first week of our placement has been very exciting, and we can't wait to tell you about it. Over the next several weeks we will be blogging about our adventures with Xerox.

The co-op program is an amazing way to apply the academics you have learned in school and in a practical working environment. To secure a position is somewhat difficult, because the process competitive. Students can apply to as many jobs as they wish, as long as they meet the criteria of the employers.Interviews are then scheduled and conducted, which leads to the possible candidates receiving a top ranking from 1-3. A #1 ranking translates into, "Congratulations, you got the job!". Those who do not get ranked, move on to the next rounds.

Networking is a huge factor, especially for business students. Co-op positions are one of the best ways to develop those relationships. We both are dedicated to make the best out of this experience and meet some great people along the way! We will learn to develop a sense of professionalism from working in the "real business world".

Throughout this summer, one of our task will be to conduct market research on companies who can help us understand their buying perspective and brand loyalty. With the help of Paul, our co-op supervisor and other employees at Xerox, we hope to learn about this constant changing market. We learned many interesting things in our first week. Most importantly, we learned about elevator pitches and the sales process.

If you'd like to learn more about the co-op program at the University of Windsor, please visit:

> http://www.uwindsor.ca/cces/

Elevator Pitches 

One thing that we learned about was the elevator pitch. This short speech is delivered generally under a minute, and its goal is to persuade someone to be more interested in your product and or solution. We wrote our own elevator pitches, and practiced how to present them to someone. Elevator pitches can be used to get the point across quickly and capture the audience's' interest, and you may have seen this in Television, commercials, political debates, and yes even cold calls.The first project that we were assigned was presenting elevator pitches to local businesses, to create interest about the new online contest.The online contest is a game called Documents in Jeopardy. Its goal is to help educate people about the digitization of documents, and digital work flows. People can go online to register and participants have the chance to win an iPad Pro after completing the game.

We visited several business in the Tecumseh area, to persuade them to try out this game. This was our first time cold calling , but we were able to meet some nice people and local business owners.The first day of handing out the flyers was hectic, and the weather was not cooperating. But the end result of our adventure outside the office, was having several business complete the survey for us.

The winner of the contest is chosen randomly on June 30, 2017, and if you enter today, it could be you. If you'd like to be entered into possibly winning an iPad Pro, visit the website!

> http://www.documentsinjeopardy.com/TRICOUNTYCOPIERS/

Or return back to the homepage > http://www.tri-countycopiers.com/

The Sales Process

One of the first things we learned about was The Sales Process. Throughout the process there are 5 distinct steps

We haven't started making any sales just yet, but the sales process is constantly in our  mind when visiting potential customers. Before each step we should conduct RESEARCH  to prepare for that day activities. Under the sales model, THE NEXT STEP is very important and allows the seller to keep in mind the end result - another satisfied customer.

1.The Initial Contact

A good first impression is critical. Initial contact can be made through in-person cold calls, phone calls, emails, social media, advertising, websites, flyers and any types of marketing campaigns. An elevator pitch should be delivered to the potential customer. If a customer is interested, we want to understand what's important to them and how our services will make their business even more successful.

2. The Initial Meeting

This is when a conference meeting, one on one meeting, or an office assessment conducted by the sales representative with the targeted business' decision maker. It's a chance to showcase our product offerings and and discuss possible interests. Even if this potential customer doesn't currently have interest in our offerings, we have an opportunity to conduct some marketing research to better understanding buying tendancies and brand loyalty.

3. The Presentation of the Solution

At this point, the most important part is ensuring customers needs and demands are being met. It is the sales representative's job to find the perfect office equipment suitable for them. The presentation of solution is also where cost analysis are discussed and any concerns are taken into consideration. If the customer is happy with the proposal, the sales process continues on.

4. The Close

The customer is satisfied with our product and solutions offering, and see's the benefit that we will bring to their business. This is when the customer is asking us "to write up" the contracts and have their new equipment delivered and installed to their office. Tri-county copiers + Xerox manages the complete installation for our clients, we will schedule a time that works for our customers and fits the Xerox delivery schedule.

5. The Follow-up

Finally, the sale is completed! To maintain good relationships with customers, it is important to schedule follow-ups every now and then. By showing a concern for their success, brand loyalty is developed and the customers stay happy. Throughout his entire process, it's important to understand that the customer is our main priority, and their needs come first.


Throughout the months, we will have ONE word of the week that stood out to us the most.

The word of the week is...


Digitization is the process of converting paper documents, to a more digital environment that can be accessed throughout the business's network. Businesses are beginning to digitize their work environment because it is a way to be more environmentally friendly and improve their bottom line. Digitization reduces the amount of paper needed to run the business.

This can be done through Scan to Email, which is a common everyday form of Digitization of documents. Scan to Email allows a person to scan a paper document, and send it directly to their email. From their email account, they can forward it to whoever they need to.

In addition to scan to email, digitization also includes scanning documents to a USB. An employee that needs to take a document with him on the go, can scan it and save it directly on his/her USB. The employee can then plug it in on any computer, and have access to it when needed.

A document can also be scanned directly to a file folder on the company's network, on a server and or in a cloud storage. This allows allowing for any employee to have access to that information without printing another copy. The document can be restricted to certain users, or instead be password protected for security reasons.

In addition to saving paper, digitization reduces the amount of toner used at work. The toner that comes with printers is harmful to the environment if it's not recycled properly. Toner that is not recycled properly end up in landfills, where they leak their chemicals in the ground. Furthermore, toner is a costly expense to a company that mainly conducts their business on paper. Digitization would reduce the amount of toner purchased, by reducing the amount of  paper that is being printed. A business would also save on the cost of buying the toner, and they will be making a significant impact on the environment in doing so.

From what we've learned about digitization, the most critical aspects include reducing the usage of paper, toner, and creating a convenient environment. The benefits of technology allow businesses to save money on paper and toner by reducing how much their using. Better productivity and a more convenient work environment are developed. Documents are being viewed on digital devices, eliminating the need to print. The development of digitized workflows allows businesses to focus on saving time and efforts. Digitization is changing the way companies do business, by streamlining operations and being environmentally friendly in doing so.

Thanks for reading about the first week of our experience! Stay tuned for more!
Michel & Santeena
Author:Michel Salsaa and Santeena Eskharia
About: Welcome to Michel Salsaa & Santeena Eskharia’s blog based on their experiences in the co-op program working with Tri-County Copiers Plus Xerox.They are undergraduate Business students from the University of Windsor. And both students are local residents to the city of Windsor. Michel is in his 2nd year of University, and hoping to concentrate in Marketing. After completing his Undergraduate degree, Michel wants to find a career in Windsor and stay close to his family. Santeena hopes to complete her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Finance. After completing her Master’s degree in Business, she hopes to attend law school at the University of Toronto. She would like to travel the world and experience new cultures. The students are looking forward to this co-op program, and sharing their experiences and new knowledge with you.
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