ConnectKey Advantages - Cost Control and Environment

Your business depends on keeping costs in check. The innovative tools in devices built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology give you a competitive edge, minimize costs, simplify the way you manage printing and provide a significant return on your investment.

Controlling Costs

When evaluating multifunction printers, it's important to consider how you'll know what documents your office produces, as well as who produces them so you can regulate and control your costs.
ConnectKey Technology can save you money with tools to help your staff work more efficiently and help you control resources used by your multifunction printer.
Manage, track and report device usage. Use Xerox® Standard Accounting tools to control print quantities and chargeback options for print, scan, copy and fax. Advanced solutions from Xerox Business Innovation Partners deliver even more helpful tools for larger office environments.
Customize your print driver settings for economy and efficiency. For example, choose N-up for printing multiple pages on a single sheet as your default. Adjust settings for specific applications, such as always printing emails in black-and-white.
Secure Print with timed deletion. With this feature, users are required to enter a passcode at the device to release the job. Documents not printed within a set time will be deleted. That means fewer documents are unnecessarily printed and left at the device.
Print responsibly. By default, our print driver is set to two-sided printing.
Reduce unclaimed prints. With the Hold All Jobs Queue feature, jobs are printed only when the user walks up to the device and releases them.
Delete jobs on warmup. To prevent duplicate jobs from being printed, administrators can setup the device to delete all print jobs at device power on.
Use Fax Forward to Email. The Fax Forward to Email feature can be used to automatically forward fax jobs to an email address, saving paper retrieval and distribution time.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Reduce more than your printing costs. With a wealth of features focused on energy and supplies conservation, ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printers were designed to reduce your company's environmental impact and boost your bottom line.

Save energy. Power Saver mode conserves electricity during downtime while keeping the device ready for action.
Influence the environment. Multiple print settings are available that reduce the impact on the environment. Options include default two-sided printing, proof print, printing on recycled paper and draft mode.
Earth-smart printing. Our innovative Earth Smart feature allows you to choose the most environmentally sensitive options for your print jobs.
Manage energy. With Cisco EnergyWise® technology, enabled by Xerox® Power Management Information Base (MIB), you can control, manage and report your device's power consumption information, and set optimal power states and timeout intervals.
ENERGY STAR® qualified. Devices built on ConnectKey Technology meet the stringent ENERGY STAR requirements for energy use.

Learn more at Environment and Sustainability at Xerox

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