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Be ready to respond. An opportunity can present itself when least expected and you need to have the technology and solutions at hand to react quickly. Xerox gives you the tools to streamline workflows, create new efficiencies and take the productivity of your team to a higher level.

Management, Deployment and Installation

Installing and deploying a fleet of multifunction printers throughout your organization is a potentially time-consuming, complicated task. The process isn't limited to physically placing the units in their new environments. It includes integrating the devices with your existing network infrastructure. Also, consider the process required to deploy printing and scanning services to your users and how automated that process can be.
Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printers are equipped with the features needed to ensure a smooth transition process for you and your staff:
Installation. When you choose Xerox, you can rest assured that your equipment will be delivered and installed according to your specifications and expectations. All network-enabled configurations include an embedded 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet connection with innovative features like automatic IP addressing, device naming, and Ethernet speed sensing to provide simple and automatic installation on networks. These features make the ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices quick and easy to get up and running. Management and system setup can be accomplished through a variety of means, including the easy, wizard-based process found within Xerox® CentreWare® Web. Additionally, these devices can integrate with third-party management applications like Unicentre® TNG, IBM® Tivoli® NetView®, Microsoft® Management Console and HP® WebJetAdmin®.
LDAP Mapping. LDAP servers display different results depending on how they implement mappings. You can complete simple email address searches with LDAP and quickly scan to email jobs. Our full integration is the differentiator. Our LDAP Mapping integrates with Phone book, user permissions and scan to home.
Deployment. Print and scan drivers can be deployed centrally, eliminating the need for IT staff to perform desk-to-desk manual installation of the driver software. In many cases, existing Xerox® drivers on your network can work with your new hardware, potentially saving the step of updating your driver software. Wizards provided within CentreWare Web aid in installing, troubleshooting and upgrading your driver software, freeing up your IT staff for more pressing projects. The Xerox® Global Print Driver® supports Xerox® and non-Xerox® devices on the network, eliminating the need for other print drivers and saving hours of downtime.
Configure once, apply fleet wide. Xerox® multifunction device configurations can be cloned and distributed to all similar multifunction devices on your network, eliminating the need to configure and manage each device individually. Cloning can be completed using a USB drive, Xerox® CentreWare® Internet Services and MPS Tools.

Device Experience

When evaluating multifunction printers, it's important to consider how your staff will interact with the device. When users are standing at a multifunction printer, they want the interaction to be simple with little or no training, while also having access to additional time-saving features.
Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printers were designed for an optimal user experience in the following ways:
Front panel user interface. It doesn't matter if a job is simple or complex. The color touchscreen interface is easy to learn and offers quick job programming. It features bright, intuitive icons and easy access to all major functions directly from the home screen.
Unified Address Book. ConnectKey Technology enables features like the enhanced address book with favorites, which lets you seamlessly import your existing contacts and roll them out to multiple ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices.
Print around with print on alternate paper. The Print Around feature is an automatically enabled feature that eliminates print bottlenecks and directs print job flow. If a job that needs resources, (such as mismatched media type, color or size), other print jobs will go around the held job. This keeps jobs moving when there is an issue with one print job. The Print on Alternate Paper feature allows you to select any available media from any tray displayed on the UI to print a job instead of adding the requested media. If a different media size is selected from what was originally submitted, the image will be scaled to fit with no image loss.
True multitasking. The device can copy, print, fax and scan at the same time. There is no wasted time for walk-up users at the device. All jobs are held in the same queue.

Driver Experience

The user interaction with printer drivers is also important to consider. Drivers need to be intuitive and provide all the necessary options and tools for printing and faxing, whether onsite or mobile:
Bidirectional print drivers. These devices include the common CentreWare print drivers, which feature clear, graphical user interfaces that provide for easy, intuitive interaction with the multifunction printer. The drivers provide immediate desktop access to all Xerox® MFP output functions as well as bidirectional information, indicating device and job status, currently loaded paper sizes and types, and installed options, eliminating the need to consult other software for information. Easy-to-understand icons access the most commonly used functions, such as paper selection and document finishing. With the Saved Settings feature, frequently used print job parameters can be stored for reuse.
LAN Fax. The LAN Fax feature is used to send faxes directly from your PC without printing the document or going to your Xerox® multifunction printer. Through the driver for the multifunction printer, you can send a document via fax to other fax machines. Requires Walk-up Fax to be installed.
Xerox Global Print Driver. This truly universal print driver lets IT administrators install, upgrade and manage Xerox® and non-Xerox® devices from a single driver. It provides a consistent, easy-to-use interface for end-users, reducing the number of support calls and simplifying print services management.
Xerox Mobile Express Driver. This feature makes it easy for mobile users to find, use and manage Xerox® and non-Xerox® devices in every new location. Plug into a new network, and Xerox® Mobile Express Driver automatically discovers available printers and provides status and capability information. Save a list of "favorite" printers for each location, store application print settings for use on any printer in any network and greatly reduce mobile support calls to IT.

Interact with the Print Driver simulator

Cloud Services and Apps

When evaluating multifunction printers, it's important to know that the devices will connect to the latest technology, while also leveraging it in order to streamline the work you do every day.
Here's how Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printers integrate with cloud services and offer time-saving applications:
Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps and Xerox® App Gallery. Increase user productivity by simplifying and shortening everyday tasks. ConnectKey Apps extend the capabilities of your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer and help you make the most of your hardware investment. Unlike traditional software, ConnectKey Apps do not require a dedicated server, PC or IT resource. Instead, visit the Xerox® App Gallery and simply download these lightweight, serverless ConnectKey Apps to your ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printer.
Embedded Apps. 2016 ConnectKey Technology-enabled MFPs have ready-to-use embedded MFP apps loaded standard. You can access the Xerox® App Gallery from the User Interface. This allows you to download new apps, such as Print from DropBox and Scan to Microsoft® Office 365 directly from the user interface. Other embedded Apps Include:QR Code provides a simple way for a multifunction printer enabled with ConnectKey Technology to display its IP address to an app, and to be used to connect to the MFP. You can load the Xerox Print Portal app and then scan the QR code on the user interface with the mobile device.
@PrintByXerox App allows you to print to ConnectKey Technology-enabled MFPs using one universal email address.
Xerox® Easy Translator Service. This service allows customers to scan a document and receive a translated print of the document and/or email notification. Users can also send a digital image from a mobile device or a PC that is forwarded for translation. This is offered for both iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit

Learn more about ConnectKey Apps at

User Training and Helpdesk Support

Office productivity relies on tools that are reliable day in and day out. Consider how often users need to intervene to replace paper or other consumables or to clear jams. Downtime is also a consideration, as well as if assistance is required, how easy it is to schedule service and how long users will have to wait.
ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printers provide helpful tools to minimize downtime and keep your work moving:
Xerox Online Support. This keeps you up and running by providing instant access to searchable online help right on your printer's front panel. Online Support is also available from the print driver, where it gathers information stored in the printer, examines the information, diagnoses the issue and collects relevant solutions from the Xerox knowledge base. From there it either returns a solution specific to the problem or walks a user through a troubleshooting tree, enabling users to troubleshoot printer issues directly from a print driver. You get the same information our Product Support Specialists use when assisting with error codes and resolving print quality, media jams, software installation and other printer problems.
A help desk at your fingertips. Get quick, easy, step-by-step troubleshooting assistancelike tips for sending a scan via emailwith embedded help videos right on the user interface.
Remote Control Panel. Remotely operate the control panel from any office PC as though you were standing at the device. The Remote Control Panel makes it easier and more convenient to train users and lets IT staff remotely view and monitorthe user interface. During a remote session, walk-up users are notified at the device, preventing simultaneous system changes. Plus, advanced print drivers and free device management tools let you remotely monitor real-time performance and available resources for greater uptime.
Xerox® Smart Kit Replacable Units. With these customer-replaceable units, there's no need to wait for a service call, saving time and keeping a site up and running. Replacing units is as easy as replacing a print cartridge on a desktop printer.

ConnectKey makes it easier to help your employees get their work done!


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