ConnectKey Advantages - Security

Every day we hear of a new security breach. Make sure that you protect your data with a Xerox solution that provides the most comprehensive range of protection features.


Network Level Security

Before, as analog copiers, you never had to worry about your Xerox. Now, that it's connected to a network, there are new vulnerabilities to be concerned about...but you still don't have to worry about your Xerox. Because Xerox has already worried about that - and instituted the safeguards to protect you.

To ensure the safety of your network, Xerox ConnectKey Technology have included these features:

  • McAfee technology integration powered by Intel Security - that's right! Your computer's protected...your network's protected, why wouldn't your multifunction device? After all, it has a all of the features of your computer - hard drive, processor and access to your network.
  • Cisco TrustSec® Identity Services Engine (ISE) can be used to enfore IT-centered security policies and compliance.
  • Common Criteria certification ensures that these devices a fully compliant with the most stringent security qualifications - satisfying standards industries, government, finance and healthcare.
  • Scan and print control allow to you lock down communications going to and coming from a Xerox ConnectKey device. Encrypt and password protect files that are scanned using the Scan to E-mail service. Providing security outside of the protection of your network. Sending Secure Print jobs using the Xerox Global Print Driver empower users to encrypt that job and requires a password to release.

Learn how Xerox and McAfee partner to protect your confidential data

Document Level Security

  • Instead of using Banner Sheets to identify users work on the output tray, Printer User ID can now be output in the margin, identifying how generated the print and can reduce waster.
  • Secure print ensure that you don't have to worry about documents being output and maliciously, or accidentally being removed from the output tray.

Device Level Security

  • Sensitive data is safe with encrypted PDF files for scanning and these devices are compliant with the 256-bit AES FIPS 140-2 standard.
  • Hard disk encryption protects the data while on site and then hard drive image overwrite clears all of the data, at specific intervals or on command.
  • You restrict access to the device with user permissions, network authentication, IP filtering, and smart card, role-based and function-level login

Learn more about security

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