Xerox® App Gallery Adapts to Evolving Needs

The platform of ConnectKey technology is designed around what we're used to...what we really need.

Everybody has smart phones or tablets, so the user interface now builds off that. Helping your staff to adapt to the new technology...because they really already know it. It's familiar.

Xerox has launched their own App Gallery to help you pull more value out of your office technology investment. As your needs change, you can adjust the functionality of your Xerox multifunction device. Apps are being added and tweaked all the time. You connect to cloud solution like Google Drive, Microsoft 365 and Dropbox and access your files for print, or directly add them from scan. You can convert documents from static images to dynamic documents ready to edit, like for Micrososft Word, or Excel. You can even tap into a translation service that can convert between over 50 languages!

Learn more through this video:


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