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Leasing Office Equipment

Many years ago, the only way, and for many reasons, the best way to get a new copier was to purchase it. They were mechanically, not digitally based, they offered simple functionality and given that design, , would last for many years.

Now, leasing office equipment is the most common way to bring that functionality into your office. Technology is always changing - it's only a matter of time before the digital multifunction copier of today is no longer keeping pace with the technology around it. With upgrades to operating system platforms, enhanced security and quite simply, better ways to do things, you just can't expect the same usable life out of today's copiers.

Leasing Advantages

Leasing lets you break up the investment over a longer period of time - so it offers you lower costs in the short term, access to more cash/credit through your bank since you're not tying up your other lines of credit and in many cases, tax savings based on deducting the lease payment as opposed to having to calculate depreciation.

With technology changing all the time, leasing provides you with the opportunity to not have to go "all in" with today's technology. Document creation, reproduction, communication and distribution is a cost of doing business - it just has to be done. So why pay more than you have to? 

The cost of tomorrow's technology is going to be less than today's. The capability of tomorrow's technology is going to be greater than today's. The challenge is to know the right time to make the jump from one version to the next. At Tri-County Copiers Plus - Xerox, that's our area of expertise - to learn more, follow this link...Tri-County Copiers Advantages

In many cases, with our account management style, close relationship with Xerox and its leasing division, we're in a position to place new equipment with you through a lease...and as technology changes, upgrade you to something new without costing you any more, and in many cases it's less money than actually purchasing the equipment and hanging onto it.

For additional information or to schedule a no charge, no obligation Office Assessment, please contact us through the website, or call us directly.


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